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    The Ecological Restoration Case of Cheonggyecheon Stream
    The Cheonggyecheon Stream Restoration Project in Seoul is a model case for water environment management in modern cities. From the perspective of long-term sustainable city development, the restoration project of Cheonggyecheon Stream is not simply to restore a watercourse, but to build an ecological inland river with ecology-environment-friendly historical water culture, harmonious coexistence of human being and nature, and with full economic vitality. This ecological inland river was built brand-new innovative concept, in which the central regional charm of traditional cities were maintained, preservation and development well balanced, public will highly respected and developmental pattern greatly transformed.
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    1 2003年7月 July, 2003 修复工程正式启动 The restoration project officially launched
    2 2005年10月 October, 2005 竣工 Project completed
    In the process of improving the river course, flood control, ecological protection and landscape designingetc. were well combined as a whole. Slope protection was mainly built with block stone and planted grass, and river bed was paved with a mixed material of clay and gravel as the anti-seepage layer. In addition, the river improvement focuses on creating better living space for various species and increasing biodiversity, such as building wetlands, bird habitats and so on. In terms of landscape design, full consideration was given to the location characteristics of the river course, and different design concepts are used in different river sections. The restoration of environment and ecology was highly emphasized , enabling citizens and tourists with stronger feeling of nature. At the same time, humanities, fashion and other modern elements were finely integrated.
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    1 对两岸污水进行截流,引入汉江水源.通过采取中水回用和雨水利用等来保证清溪川四季长流水。Close discharging of polluted water from both banks. New water resource was drawn in from Han River. By measures of reclaimed water reuse and use of rainwater, Cheonggyecheon Stream was restored with water running through the whole year long.

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        (source : 杨海军. 河流生态修复工程案例研究[M]. 吉林出版集团, 2010.)

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        (source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACYrDQXX0yU)
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    1 城市河流生态修复改造方式探讨—韩国清溪川复兴改造项目 Discussion on the Ways of Ecological Restoration and Reconstruction of Urban Rivers - Cheonggyecheon Stream Restoration Project, Seoul http://www.hunancj.cn/ArticleDetail.aspx?ID=2015050709324032

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