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    The ecological restoration case of Kamogawa River, Kyoto
    Kamogawa River flows through the city of Kyoto and is one of its landmarks. Due to the discharge of waste from printing and dying factories, its pollution was once extremely serious. After nearly 20 years of environmental treatment, Kamogawa has been improved from dark to crystal clear, and its water quality even reached Grade A. Judging from the perspectives of ecological concept, governance pattern and purification effects, the ecologically restored Kamogawa River can be regarded as a classical model of urban river management.
    In the ecological restoration of Kamogawa River, a low dam was built on the watercourse that does not block the water flow, restores the flow characteristics of the water, accelerates the natural aeration of the water, and increases the dissolved oxygen content in the water. Therefore, it’s beneficial to restore and construct the living environment of aerobic microorganisms in water, so that organic pollutants in water can be decomposed and purified to improve water quality.
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    1 采取生态修复措施进行治理为技术难点,包括如何实现亲水功能、亲水功能路线设计等。

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        (source : 杨海军. 河流生态修复工程案例研究[M]. 吉林出版集团, 2010.)

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        (source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PcNRiza27Q)

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